Just Like Yesterday

I wish I could be happy just like yesterday

With no worries and no care I was just fine

Old is gold but present may be better

Alas! Why I ignore this very fact?

With regret and shame, I open Pandora’s Box

And, then I wonder what goes wrong in the present!

It’s dark, it’s scary and I fear to take a step

The present is tarnished by my past!

Yesterday is no more but the present is

Why should I lament and repent over those bygone days?

Setting aside the mourning and learning from the past

I can still shape my present as I want.

Nothing seems to change but everything changes

For change is the only constant in life

Embracing each moment with open arms

Therefore, should give me wings to soar high!


What do you think?


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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

Dreams Built On Lies

Be Kind.