Just a Dream!

she was like a speck of stardust

moonbeam like her flawless skin

her wavy tresses as if the surging sea

her emerald eyes like fireflies,

tranquil lips adorned her ruddy face

crowning, a mermaid-like physique

like the whistling tune of a dolphin

resonated her soulful voice, 


a few lucky eyes caught her glimpse

when she strolled along the shores

on lonesome evenings,

but her enthralling beauty 

wasn’t for the weak hearts 

a look in her eyes and they 

softened into shimmering particles, 


mystical butterflies trailed her path

sometimes when she 

ventured the timberlands

a soft touch of her scented fingers

blessed new life to the wilted flowers,

her cloud-like misty gown 

when brushed the green carpet

tickled the sleeping grasshoppers 

thrilled the chirping crickets,


she was the enchantress 

a forlorn heart, caged in 

the body of a damsel

she toured the earth 

on Blue Moon nights 

searching her lost soulmate,

to the world, she was a surreal beauty

but no one knew her real story

she came from a mystical city

with a soul that’s insatiable till eternity.

Pic Coutesy: pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

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