i like how you count constellations

join dots of my southern sky

and call it june

my birth month

and me, your goddess

i like how you weave soft moans

on my tapestry

making patterns, as you lean

how  it crumbles

leaving traces of moondust

i like how you collect

and fold it manifolds

the linens of our desires

to fit into a closet

where it hardly fits

and wait

for another night

to spread it

as you turn more magnificent

and i, more june!


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Written by Soma Bolar

I'm Soma from Shillong, a pahadi at heart... settled in Bangalore now! Love travelling to obscure non-touristy places..I sing, write random stuff and smile a lot 😀😃
I love writing about love, longing and everything in between! Night is my muse and 3am my favorite hour of the day!
most of my poetic indulgences have taken shape in the sounds of the gushing waterfalls of Meghalaya and the mystery of fickle headlights of vehicles as they negotiate tricky turns in these famous blue mountains in the dead of the night.


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