Jumble Word Abyss

A word jumble with a riddle

Makes you confused and buoyant 

Either solved or get tangled

But does not subject false contentions, 

Belief or intentions.


Words rummaged through to unscramble 

It goes without concealed connotations,

Of yearning or of passions

Coming with commands,signals and clues

To make it all easy for you,

Signals accompany existence occasionally 

But we discern it rarely.


Wishes emerge of a tool to unscramble,

That speedily clarifies the hidden meaning 

Answers for words and also for our being,

Do we complicate life to make it a muddle

The effortless one, bestowed on us in a bundle.


Fumble and jumble makes you strong

Immerse you sometimes in of parts of past along

Several similarities various contrasts 

Its personal anyway to play or to crack

Wish there was a possibility 

Life,if desired came sorted and solved

Life,if desired we could resolve

But alas ! Life does not always ask

“A penny for our thoughts”

Ketki Jalan 

Picture – Ketki Jalan 


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Written by Ketki


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