Oh Man! Stop for a while

and look back

in a life fraught with

doubts and fears

you have never cared to see me

you have always been running

after those intimidating goals

floating in the nebulous future of someday

Have you ever thought

that they would only create a virtual step

for you to leap forward

and leave you with momentary happiness

that withers away in a fraction of time?

But,  I create an elusive momentum

carrying your memories and experiences

and travel with you throughout

Becoz’ I am your journey

the beautiful phase of your life

but you always ignore me and leave me behind

Do understand my dear

stop for a while and hold me tight

and I will show you the beauty of life

in it’s true sense

the journey of your life


What do you think?


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Written by Rohini

Rohini Jayanti – A lady who loves experimenting anything she finds new and works hard towards achieving it. Her educational background is a reflection of her experiments. A postgraduate in Information Technology, a Cost Accountant, Masters in English Language, a Story teller, a Yoga Instructor, a Classical Singer, a Soft Skill Trainer and the list goes on. Her flair for writing landed her into Technical writing with different IT firms but the love for her daughter turned her into a wonderful Home maker who now gets true happiness in writing short stories, articles and poems whenever her little princess permits.

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