Jesus @2021.

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Jesus Christ @2021!

I dare say,  it would be quite fun!

I think He’d be a cool dude,

With Instagram, Wattpad and Smule.

He’d win ‘followers’ through his words, hymns and songs.

He’d post You-tube videos on how to get along.


Whenever one feels low or is hurting inside,

One could dial His 1800 -number and He’d be there in a trice.

He could teach me to walk on water,

Instead of me struggling, drowning. Oof! I shudder.


Wouldn’t this be just grand?

To have God amongst us, ready on hand!

Why, I’m sure He would not even mind

Teaching us how to turn water into wine!


The poetess has taken creative liberties with the stories and miracles of Jesus Christ. She herself is a practising Catholic. In no way does she mean any harm to any religious community or creed. She apologises in advance incase anyone takes offence.


•When His disciples were afraid of the sea of Gallilee, Jesus ‘walked on water’ confidently.

•At a wedding in Cana when the good wine fell short, on the request of Mary His Mother, a young Jesus turned water into wine, so that the hosts wouldn’t be embarassed and ridiculed.

Pic credit: Unsplash: Alev Takil.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer


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