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Jailed Within

Let us out!

Let us free!

I looked around,

To hunt down the cries.


The cries grew louder,

And it came from within us.

Oh! I realized that,

They were our silly minds.


We are trapped, cried they,

Within you great mortals.

Suffocated are we,

With your thoughts and deeds.


Forced are we, to traverse,

The narrow channels in you.

Blinded are we, with the,

Self restrictions imposed by you.


Can’t you hear us flutter,

In agony and in an urge to fly?

Can’t you see our eyes,

That wish to see beyond your sight?


Open yourself, broaden your thoughts,

See the world sans restrictions.

Release us and feel relaxed,

It’s our please, please understand.


Pic Courtesy : Tim HΓΌfner on Unsplash

Kirti V


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Written by Kirti V

Jesus @2021.

A joyful traveller