it’s okay


If you’re trying hard

But yet you don’t succeed

Then it’s okay

There will be a new day

And you’ll surely find a new way.

If you don’t get what you have been wanting for so long,

Just try hard and be strong.

If you broke your friendship with your ‘best friend forever ‘

Then just try to understand that

He/she was not a ‘forever’ and should have been a ‘never’.

When you studied a lot but

You didn’t get the marks you wanted,

Then be positive and just hope your wish to be soon granted.

Because things can’t always be the way you want ,

But yes they can be a little better.

And at the end of the day ,

You and I know,

We all do,

That this won’t last longer,

And we all are just like volcanoes,

Just waiting for the right time to blow into flames ,

And yes, it’s been a long time since we have been absorbing all the heat.

And a time will come,

When you will stop absorbing the anger and all the pain.

And everything you did will probably go into vain.

In this world where even families are temporary,

Is it fair to wish that your best friend will stay forever?

Is it fair to wish that you get the best people around you,

Where we are just high on quantity

And low on quality?

A world where hardships are not a part of life,

They are a prerequisite.

A world where we believe in luck

And say that good things on there own will come your way.

In this game of life,

is it fair to wish,

That things will always be okay?



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Written by Divyanshi Rajotia

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