It's ok to fall

“Is it wrong to fall or fail?”

Pondered the young mind.

“Granny taught me stories,

Of the ant falling 18 times,

But never gave up till it succeeded,

And of Emperor Ghazni,

Who won despite multiple losses.

But still, failure is a bane,

For all children like me.

My parents love me, I know.

They want the best for me.

They don’t want me to fall,

Or score less, or fail.

I promise you, dad and mom,

I will learn more when I fall,

Or score less, or fail.

Please let me experience,

The pain of failure and loss.

To grow more stronger,

Like how you are now.

To strive hard to reach the peaks

And not to fall into depression,

Of not being able to handle failure.”

Pic courtesy : the blowup on Unsplash

Kirti V


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    • Yes ma’am… Always wanted to create an awareness on this.. Have seen many children feeling low just because they scored less or didn’t win, that too at the primary school level. It pains me deeply as a teacher and a mother..
      I hope this poem is bringing out the seriousness of the situation

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Written by Kirti V

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