it’s a new day

It’s a new day ,

A new beginning?

No. Not at all.

Because some things never change,

They always remain the same.

It’s a new day 

And I promise myself 

To smile often and be happier.

But I deep down know this won’t last longer.

At home,

I’m said to be the weakest of all,

But this isn’t true.

Because at times I’m the one who CAN go through.


I don’t have multiple personalities,

I’m just trying to improve myself.

Because it’s a new day 

A new beginning.

And I’m changing.

I’m the one who tries to help everyone,

At times the sweetest of all.

But then why ,WHY people think ,

I am the ‘delicate darling’ ?

Because they don’t know ,

What I go through ,

Fighting with myself everyday,

To live in a better way.

I’m working hard everyday,

And as a result my grades are okay.

They think I’m the one who is genius by birth,

Born intelligent.

But no.

I work everyday.

Because it’s a new day.

And a new beginning.

And today I thought about telling them ,

No! I’m not the weaker one.

But Oh! 

My thoughts are colours which can’t form a rainbow.

And yes it’s a new day,

A new beginning.

And maybe I’m changing.

I try to make everyone happy, 

Making gifts and cards.

Now they say I’m wasting time on 

Useless things.


I’m not the perfect girl, daughter, student or person they adore.

I’m not a open book,

And there is so much about me to know more.

So, today is a new day 

A new beginning 

And I hope PEOPLE are changing.



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Written by Divyanshi Rajotia

Her Tea