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It came once again

  • It came once again stealthily,

Riding on western zephyrs,

Playing with me contentedly 

Oblivious to pain I bear

Inside me, this year…


Those days of warm sunshine,

Those fingers caressing my hair

Those raining kisses on my forehead  

Turned into frosty layers

Inside me, this year…


Amidst dancing oaks on snowy mountains,

I held those hands, wishing it forever 

Sojourning along the life terrains

How slippery the grains of time, I discover

Inside me, this year…


Carrying those first cries 

Wrapped in sheer delight

Swinging in the cradles of promises

Nescient, that ropes are rotting 

Inside me, this year…


Up in the sky, this very summer

Am going to be with mother

And witness the seasons’ plays 

What if, this last winter stays

Inside me, forever..


Photo By: Jacob Owens


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Written by K Prashanth

Winter’s blessings