It burns again….the next day..!!

Inimical bitter  taste  of infectious sorrow,

Borrowed with  elegance of a charade,

Is the recipe of the dinner, I cook

Every envious nights of utter silence, eerily slow

The taste of cider belies it, pungent odour defines it

Dripping blood , patronizing thoughts quiver  together

In the melee of unattended fragments of desolate hope

Make it  excruciatingly mundane in surreptitious slime

Decadent dreams ,pernicious ingredients of hate quibble

And moments  of devouring  my essence, are the  spices to grate

Together with the chaos building inherently was to add charm,

And  the sly realm of voracious eccentricity is the dressing it required

And then, it gets cooked in the burning flames of penitence

In all its malevolence, the creepy dish of a broken soul is served

Taking all  its sweet cruel time to claw and crawl and gnaw

Through the veins and arteries and a remorseful soul

I  DEVOUR MYSELF, everyday with the fragrance that chokes my throat,

The hours then cringe in  me, drool and increase its tightening hold,

The slow rotten flesh and its stench ..perhaps the fire of depravity wasn’t enough

Could not gyrate it  enough..swirl it enough inside me…

It burns again….the next day..!!


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Written by Zilch

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