Inverted Rainbow

You were once

The rainbow to my sky,

Now I sit here

Alone, wondering why?

I try and re-paint the anguish

Into my Violet calmness.

I convert the Indigo bruises,

Into marks of my bravery.

I shove off my Blues,

And sing and dance instead.

I plant the Greens

To surround myself with the warmth.

I wear the Yellows

To bring back my smile.

I paint the wall Orange

To recover from the grief of your loss

I hide the mad Red anger

And remember our love, by-gone.

Oh dear love, I hope

The purpose of your leaving me behind

Finds a way to your happiness

Like I inverted the rainbow into my smile.

~ Dhara



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Written by Dhara

I'm a Chartered Accountancy student and work as a Portfolio Investment Manager. Besides numbers, I also like playing with words and often find myself returning to the soulfulness of my guitar tunes and the magical world of words! 🎸✍️❀

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