Into the night!

Into the night–

unhurried, she crawls up

the dark silhouette complimenting her

luminous stature

from behind the misty veil, she peeks

her milky touch illumes the heart,

Reminding me that old tickling feel;


Into the night–

she visits me often

full or crescent she shines every night

brightening every niche of my soul,

her prowess to glow even in the gloom

her thinnest sparkle that curbs darkness

restores my lost faith

enabling me to bloom, again;


she hides several dry oceans in her craters

frozen dark moments that she protects

from being discerned

countless cavities, bruises adorn her 

yet her brilliance shines out

erasing every speck of dullness,

she gleams every night 

gifting the world her radiant smile

Into the night–

Pic Courtesy: clicked by our photographer Artoon: Abhijit Vaze 


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