Intangible Inferno Within

I dwell in a frame I am proud of,

Currently compelling robustness 

A challenge, with devotion, to fulfill


To put core in form and to stand staunch

Inferno smoldering inwardly

More rapid, not quickly, just focus.


I aim to mend self from crust and through 

Obsession performance vehemence 

No boasting,  the outcome,  mind boggling.

Ketki Jalan 

Picture : Ketki Jalan 

The poem is in Nine square format.It has total of 81 syllables – 9 square

A ninesquare has nine lines,each of nine syllables,divided into three three line stanzas.

 The first line must contain nine monosyllables,second of three words of three syllables each,third line with one two,one two,one two syllabalic structure.


What do you think?


Written by Ketki