Inside of Me

As the morning zephyr gently scratches my soul
Tilling my thoughts, aerating the old,
Imbue, instill, manure of hope,
I sprout and rise, in dark I grope
Following the wind, fragrant unseen,
Pursuing the ONE, who asked, β€œCan you hear me?”

I strain my neck, on tip toes I stand
Grapple in crowd to get my share of land,
Branch out big, wriggle my way out
Peep from corners, a way I sought,
A purpose, a call, I follow HIM in light,
I hear HIM now, but he eludes my sight.

With will power strong, I brave the odds,
Rooted on ground, with pride I nod,
Thrive and rise, though shadowed I stand,
Branches bearing humility, I face the land,
Fragrant, ambrosial, my persona attracts,
HIS scent in me, others follow and track.

With fruits of wisdom, love and care,
Heaving my branches, beholders stare,
My quest for HIM, is now at rest,
Acceptance I won, as I pass his test,
Loved by others, exalted, acclaimed,
HIS grace I enjoy, as I bask in fame.

Once I rose in my purpose so high,
Bore fruits for others to relish, enjoy,
My quest, my search for HIM I stopped,
As all I aspired, on own it cropped,
I hear and see HIM, so loud and clear,
As now HE resides, just inside me dear!


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Written by Aradhna Shukla

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