What do I do with my insecurities?

My helplessness has led me

To the most stressful road

Not travelled by many.


The tunnel seems longer

Than the earth’s diameter

Yet no sign of light

But, soon it will shine, I’m sure.


My daily cup of positivity

Has turned toxic

In the long row of waiting

The hopes have been hectic.


Does talking it out

Help alleviate the agonies?

Or painting it on a canvas wall

Makes one less anxious?


Taking baby steps– walking and falling

Slowly regaining my confidence

I’ll rise and climb the Everest

From this deep dark trench.


Picture credit: Sanaea Sanjana, 


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Written by Minati Pradhan

Writer and author, who loves music, art, food and conversation. Enthusiastic about life. A perennial positive person who also happens to be a independent researcher.

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