The point of no return

From the edges of sanity

Losing it

One step at a time

Till I find myself

In the labyrinthine maze

of mythical minotaur

Ravenous for my bloodied head

Sniffing around the gaping holes

In the jaded wall, sacred

Which I built painstakingly

Over a thousand years

And forgot to abrade

The blood trail

Darkend with time

And it glows in the dark


I know I can’t escape

So I surrender,

My will to fly

Too close to the sun

Lest my wings burn down

In embers

mingling with the salt water

of the Eritrean sea

And the sands from sea shore

Slither away,

Finding their way back

To Medusa’s head

You mock, its just a myth

Even as the serpents

Crawl inside me

So, I am breaking down my memories

Into million little words

That are fluttering astray

The more I try to bind them

Framing raging sentences

The more they get dampened

With disrepair and rains

Yes, It rained yesterday too

And I sat for a longtime

Soaked to my bones

Wishing for a rainbow

You laughed, called me inane

And I ran

looking for refuge

Broke open a snail

Threw her out of her home

As she silently cried

While I curled up inside

And dreamt of your eyes

Trying to memorise their shape and colour

Lest they elude me one day

Like your effervescent smile

Along with edges of memory

Maybe, just maybe

Am a tad insane ?

-Rianka Bose Saha


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Written by Rianka Bose Saha

Started scribbling when I was in my teens, and since then its an integral part of my being. Writing is cathartic for me as I deeply feel that there are many words that are left unspoken, uncared for. Eventually they wither away rootless. I try to gather these words and pour my soul in them. I feel words are magical and healing. I Am glad that I finally found a forever home for my words. So happy to be here !

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