On a monotonous night I laid down on my bed,

And thought about love,

How love is madness and love is completeness,

And how love is equality,

But there are so many inequalities.
We’re taught to love everybody but no one does,

Nobody understands that “LOVE IS LOVE”.
If she’s dark and you’re fair,

Then she being respected is rare.

How she could be harmed just for her colour here,

And how this is happening everywhere.
I thought about girls and I thought about boys,

And how there’s difference even between their toys,

Of how I’m expected to be a delicate darling,

And “he”,should never be seen with his tears falling.
I wondered if the rich lads would ever realise,

That all the small girl living on the road needs is,a bowl of rice.

She doesn’t want expensive clothes,

Food is all she’s asking for.
I thought about her,

and I thought about him,

I thought about myself ,

and I thought about you.

I saw every point of view.
And then I closed my eyes and prayed,

That everybody should be treated in a kind way.

I wished for all these inequalities to disappear,

And that no one would ever shed a tear.



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  1. Inequality prevalent since the birth of man. It’s saddening we speak so much about it but we dont implement it. First, there’s class discrimination, colour discrimination, gender and so on… It’s a loop that refuses to cease. Good one dear girl.

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