in ,

in this adventure called 'Life'

stranded on an island of fear and uncertainty

without any rafts of hope

the blazing fire of the sun flickered

and burned warming my back

dark black clouds billowed above me

moving away from the fires

as waves of memories surged with the power of an ocean

I am at a place neither suffering nor truly in comfort

standing with a sort of emotional-limbo

thoughts within engulfed in grief as they become louder

silence consumed my frail form

sadness drained me rather than skating over my skin

and all that remained was the deceiving hollow soul

clouding my thoughts and taking me into blankness

a state of raw abandonment swallowed my sanity whole

I was completely and utterly alone in my mind, body and soul

and most of all, I was entirely alone in the world

‘Can anyone hear me?’, I screamed in pain

 no voice came out or so I thought

It was an eerie sort of tranquility

as if the world were encased in a cocoon

I was my hero in this adventure story

there were hardships, heartache and loss along the way

more mental pain than I thought a soul could bare

but then I reassured myself that I must stand alone again

and steadied myself saying, ‘A Falcon never stumbles’

my courage was the only medicine I had

the only light in the darkness and a lone star in the empty sky

‘Life lets us experience mirth at the fullest

then leaves us despondent and in a state of melancholy’

nevertheless, I chose to live it

to the fullest and revel every aspect of it

there was hope again, just a tiny flicker against the wind

with eyes open I reached out; fingers extended

I called, ‘Can anyone hear me?’


What do you think?


Written by Rohini

Rohini Jayanti – A lady who loves experimenting anything she finds new and works hard towards achieving it. Her educational background is a reflection of her experiments. A postgraduate in Information Technology, a Cost Accountant, Masters in English Language, a Story teller, a Yoga Instructor, a Classical Singer, a Soft Skill Trainer and the list goes on. Her flair for writing landed her into Technical writing with different IT firms but the love for her daughter turned her into a wonderful Home maker who now gets true happiness in writing short stories, articles and poems whenever her little princess permits.

So, Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?