In the sound of silence

In the frugal chambers

Of my heart

Above the beats that echo

I hear the sound of silence.

It roars…

Pulsating within the confines

Of my reclusive heart,

Shackled and bound to

My closed-off self,

It rages…

Tempestuous and simmering

Like a pot

Of roiling emotions

It beats upon the hollow atria.

It raves…

Murmuring and whispering

Entreaties to me

Begging me to open

The walled-off ventricles

It rushes…

I close my eyes

To the memories and the pain

How do I explain, that

In this sound of silence, I find

My solace…


IC- pixabay


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Written by Sonal Singh

Sonal believes that life is a repertoire of anecdotes strung together in a colourful array, like a beaded necklace. The various situations that we encounter, the many incidents of every day, make life a melange of tales and conversational tidbits. And, that is what she attempts to capture through her writing.
She is passionate about writing and is a contributor to several online literary forums and platforms. Her poems and stories have been published in several anthologies.
Sonal is the recipient of Asian Literary Society’s Gitesh Biva memorial award for 2019 and the Prasanna Jena memorial award for 2019, for literary excellence. She is also the recipient of the Orange Flower Award for Parent Blogging for 2020 and emerged as a finalist for the Orange Flower Award for her writing in the arena of LGBTQ+ awareness, also in 2020. In Feb. 2020 she was awarded a certificate of literary excellence by the Asian Literary Society.

When not writing, she manages her HR consultancy business out of Mumbai.

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