In the same state, in the same place


                    In the same place, in the same state

After I had gone far and moved at a high rate

A particle small

Of this great mass

Speed, yes speed had been my mistake. 

I knew not that,

No matter how much I accelerate

The force of my tendencies will bring me back

One year after the other, the third YEAR will find me in the same place,

In the same state.

Exhausted but unscratched perhaps

Yet, my soul has sensed this gap. 

The flight it remembers still, all lightness it still feels

But also the force that brought it back.

What if I had made the escape?

Myself I would not have remained

My selfish soul while yearns to fly’

It cannot forget the place my tendencies lie

Yet, both ways selfish it remains

You don’t require that strength to glide

Like the one required in the force to fly. 

A different strength, a different firmness

To remain embedded in quietness, in calmness

To sooth oneself into a life

That keeps quiet, in the same place, in the same state,

Follows the same ways

Until such force comes that pulls the soul right out of the shackles of tendencies’

Of the strength that keeps it quiet

And lets it escape from life!!


What do you think?


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Written by Parul

Like all mortal beings

I constitute flesh, bones and feelings

and like in this world

all is not visible in one view

some facets of me

at your position, you can clearly see

others remain hidden

maybe visible to others

who again may fail to review me through your view.


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