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In Bits and Pieces I Exist…


In bits and pieces I exist.

My excellence is attributed to a parent,

My attitude to another parental house

At the base of my cup of existence

Lie dregs of doubt. A muddy mixture

Of miscegenation, races, time and breed.

I wonder who I am? Probably, just another lineage

Line drawn, tacked with inheritances of gain

Or loss.  Two names, two identities….


My name gets attached with two houses

As if it were a carriage on the railway track.

My fame, taken by one; am I no more

Than a curious list of physicalities,  attributes, 

Emotions and mentalities? And thus I continue 

To trudge on, until I see, I’m not the same

Society intended to make me: there are cracks, 

Crevices, and fissures in me. Like a in a giant tree

These are filled by beings, who are growing with me. 

 From the mould that constrained, I’ve broken free.


Now I seek others like me, who have also been broken

Filled with strength and courage to break free.

No more encaged be- step out of mundanity.

No more brackets, I’d rather the untamed furze be.

And bits and pieces cement to witness kaleidoscopic beauty 

The winged bird has taught me to soar in glee

The sea – in breaking to find symphony

The swollen  river that swallows many entities,

Whispered into my ears: “Fear not, I merge into 

The roaring sea, which salinates my waters.

And then journeys,  plunging itself into the seven seas.”


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


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Miscegenation: inter- racial marriage, bi-racial child 


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Written by Mumtaz N K

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