Rules for submissions:

  1. English Language only. Currently, Poetry Parlour isn’t approving non-English works.
  2. Submitted poems must be of at least 16 lines to be approved (Haikus and other short poetry are currently not being approved).
  3. Accompany your poem with an appropriate image. Copyrights free images only. Refer to for free images, preferably landscape-oriented images. Mentioning photographer credits is mandatory, under the ‘All artists deserve credit’ policy.
  4. Poems that remain with zero activity for more than 7 days, will be removed from the website.
  5. You may post only your own work unless you have permission from the original creator to post their poems, in which case due credits are to be mentioned.


You can advertise your Brands, Books, etc at Poetry Parlour by

  1. Sponsoring for any of the Poetry events.
  2. By redeeming your PP points.

Email: for more details.