Impassioned Plea of a Soulmate

As I sit by the windowsill in utter solitude,

The glistening rays of sunlight pierces upon me,

pleading to brighten my melancholic face,

reminding me of the beautiful pictures

we both painted on the canvas of our happy life;

The mirthful days with you were filled with laughter,

The quiet moonlit nights that brimmed with passionate moments of togetherness,

The balmy breeze that made the willows whisper mellifluous tunes,

The sweet nothings that we whispered holding each other’s hands

 imprinting our footprints upon the wet beach sand,

Your warm embrace that had never failed to set me ablaze.

But now I pine for you day after day after day,

In the lone moments, my tormented soul

seeks to live by reminiscing the nostalgic events,

rewinding them in quietude, seeking solace.

Though the truth is evident, hopeless is my heart,

For it seeks for your return by whispering yearning desires to the zephyr,

Pleading for it to lure you from the heaven above.

And at last I realize you pine for me too

By raining your warm tears from the clouds above.


Picture Credit : Anthony Tran


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