I'm there for you…

My friend

I can feel pain

In your veins, but worry not

When I am there, what makes you cry?

At times, please let it go!


I miss

Your wry humour

And the golden friendship touch.

Their hearts are cold but remember

One friend is there for you!


What do you


I will also change

With times?

Not at all, I am not like seasons

But a human with brave heart!


You can trust


Like a burning candle

Bestowing light

When darkness engulfs and devour your humble existence,

I’ll be the moonlight for you!



I tried the form Pensee (first two stanzas) which is a French word meaning ‘thought’, and is composed of five lines with 2-4-7-8-6 syllables.

Last two stanzas are in Pi-Archimedes form. (Pi as in 3.14286)

So, the Pi form is built this way:

Line 1: 3 words

Line 2: 1 word

Line 3: 4 words

Line 4: 2 words

Line 5: 8 words

Line 6: 6 words


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


What do you think?


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Written by Amrita Lahiri

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