I’m Human

Roses are dead

Violets don’t bloom

I’ve been labelled a curse

Right from my mother’s womb

Being a girl is a job without pay

Where all you here is what will they say

You don’t have to go so away

You can’t work, you need to stay

because you need to serve

That’s your duty as a girl they say

Why do you need to be educated?

Independent girls are just a walking act of shame

No-no,you have to learn to make round chappatis

Or else how will we face the society and the aunties?

When the relatives come serve them tea

And you my son, you sit with me

Do you need something beta?

Your sister will bring

After all you’re my loved one

And I understand that Guys have their needs

Whatever you ask, there it will be.

Why this Gender Discrimination mom?

Beti that’s what the society teach

Girls are meant to weep and breed

Boys are meant to work and be freed

They can’t cook or weep, agreed?

When will the society see

That equality is the key

Nobody’s better or worse

Everybody is God’s handy work

who deserve to live a life filled with equality and love

So stop being so judgmental

Open your mind’s rusted handles

And then look

The world with equality and potential

Please don’t categorize us into man and woman

After all we are all just Human.


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Written by Rupali Manhas

Just A 17 year old girl

Hiding from the real world

But knows how to express her feelings through  words

Different Strokes