I'm Flowing From Eternities

I emanate from the core 

of divinity,

Within me flowing eternities,

Dawned and plunged

at my bank

many civilizations suns,

Still echoing their sagas

my burbles,

Deep in the bed hidden pearls of valour, 

Submerged ashes

of betrayal in my water,

Embracing yore,

I’m flowing from eternities…


Bosom heavy

Of witnessed eras shifting,

Breathing arduous

traversing through ridges and plains.

Quenching thirsts 

of astir cities,

quiescent wilderness,

exhausted I’m pallid–

Sullied by washing away

sins and guilt, 

Streams now rancid

of debris-laden,


of soaking up 

mirths ‘ n offerings,

In me, you attain salvation

O’ Mankind 

I deserve a life too!


What do you think?


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Written by Roodaba Shah

Jumble Word Abyss

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