If Only You Knew

The fiery moon


along the 

western fringe,

coating the 

velvety sky 

pumpkin orange,

welcoming the

spicy November,

the lustrous dust


an aura 

of ecstasy,

the silhouette of

birds homebound.

Golden tendrils

embellish the 

shimmering ripples,

and the freckled 

burnt-orange star 

illuminate the brine;

the heartache

still fresh, raw;

striving to sketch

your name on 

every grain of sand,

as the splashing curls

compete to erase.

Mesmerising twilight,

crispy breeze,

brackish waters,

crawl up the toes,

caress the 

vulnerable emotions,

kindles the masked

desire and longing;

The unheard whimpers

of the shattered heart,

the torrents of passion

dwelling inside 

the scrawny cage,

wait for a miracle,

year after year;

the day You come,

the day You…

Touch my Heart and

Kiss my Soul,

I will be Yours Forever.


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Written by Sonali Ray

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