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If Meetings Are Truth

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If meetings are truth,

Then partings are lies.

In this cyclic world

Rushing hither thither

All screaming silences die.

And circular points disappear.

One hastens through a motley crowd

Into the comfort

Of a tenuous heart’s tie.


‘Tis this silken strand

That anchors

A time-worn traveler’s

Blighted heart, affixing

It into waters unknown.

Passion moors the soul.

Love’s the biggest truth

All else merely lies.

Aye, lies, lies, lies.


Love, the fixed star gleams,

Guiding life’s bark

Through thrashing tides

And swelling seas.

Love steers the bark,

Wrenching it free

From murky waters,

A maze of islands,

And life’s adversities.


Yet, when the darkest days

Cloud the horizon,

And a death-like pall is nigh.

Parting becomes

The constant truth,

Steering one away

From the shores of life.

Then all meetings

Are but blurred moments

In which myriad moons die.

All’s temporal, naught but a lie.

Mumtaz.N. K


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