Idle vases

Seated near the beach

watching sand, sea, people and traffic on the 

road whizz past by

we, with our nerdy glasses mounted on noses 

dishing into books of poetry we were reading aloud

reflections of poetic transactions of poets 

wanting to express part of themselves

finding their way into the minds of readers like us;

I knew then that we shared something that could not be taken away from us, ever, wherever we may be,

you with your gentle heart, open mind,

me, wanting to dive even if thoughts were threatening to capsize

in those moments of literary fervour and common desire

our thoughts merged to form a poem of it’s own

which we would recite someday together, aloud

to another creative whirlpool seated in a garden maybe

while we picked daisies and sunflowers to adorn

the vases lying idle in our minds.


What do you think?


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Written by Shail Raghuvanshi

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