I wish a Writer loved Me!

why the heart, aches

when the mind knows, the truth?

why the eyes rain

when the lips curve, into a smile?

unanswered questions

undeciphered emotions

unfathomable longings


i wish i was loved by a writer

for he’d interpret

my excitement in his words

he’d paint my pain

in his poetic colours


i wish a writer loved me

when my heart bled red

his ink would bleed blue,

when this fleshy pump

inside the skeletal cage

smelled briny,

his words would enable

the waters to spurt and flow,


i wish a writer loved me

when the shards of my soul

lay strewn on the floor

every alphabet trickling from his quill

would glue them

gifting me the paper wings,

a lightweight tale,

donning it I’d glide the infinite blues,


i wish a writer loved me

when the saturated greys

obscured my sight

his verse like the Melting Gold

evaporate each droplet

rendering my cheeks parched

yet blushing vibrantly,


I wish a writer loved me

immortalise my withered cells

in the crisp folds of his rusty pages

every time he brushed

his fingers on my thirsty petals

it’d rekindle my forlorn heart

with love and passion,


i wish a writer loved me

for at his fingertips I would rest

the keys to every secret of me

disclosing my weaknesses

trusting him, confiding in him

he would nurture my imperfections

caress my brokenness

and love the most

unlovable fractions of me!

I wish a writer loved me!๐Ÿ’š

Pic Courtesy: Pexel


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Written by Sonali Ray

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