I Too Was A Child ( Poattic 5 )

Of late,

I have been painting pictures in  the air

And framing them in  little cases

That have sprouted

From memories rooted in time.

I have smeared some  dust

Across the  white spaces

And let my half broken brushes

Fill them with the colours

That I have managed to store away.

The sound of silver trinkets

Wrapped around a mother’s heart,

Echo faintly as I paint  little feet

Running across the  wooden floors

Into her warm embrace.

I wish I could paint the lullabies too.

One day, I shall take you along

Those little lanes

Where my shadows live.

I shall rewind those reels

And play them for you.

Perhaps then, you  will learn

That cruelty too has sweet origins.

Beneath the murky clouds that grip me today,

I too was a child.


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Written by Jaya Pillai

A teacher and a learner - both by passion and profession. Music, cooking, reading, writing, traveling and all kind of creative stuff keep me  going . You are not likely to catch me in a crowd. Instead, you might find me taking a walk on semi dark evenings  talking to the stars or thinking

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