Hushed Cries

O,Lord! Can’t you hear my stifled cries,

When to the hungry vultures I am sold ,

A piece of flesh to peck and molest,

In exchange for favours or little gold.

To whom do I send my cries of protest?

Can’t you hear sharp shrieks of pain,

When I am skinned alive for no fault,

For a mink coat ,shoe or elegant purse,

For fashion statement and ego false,

Do you hear voice of pain and curse?
From where did you get the heart to ignore,

Feeble cries of foetus in mother’s womb 

Her pleadings to heartless society to ensure,

An angel’s entry into the world that lures,

They force her in stead to cheerless tomb.

Pangs of hunger,chilly shivers of dread,

Bone breaking job for a piece of bread,

Sighs of mothers who lose their children,

To wars of greed that politicians spread.

“Can you hear me?” They ask in unison.

“ Are you a God of mighty sycophants,

Our well meaning cries You  let ignore.

Dwelling in Temples of rich and strong,

Slipped out of poor man’s heart since long?”

“Can you hear me?”I still want to be sure .


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Written by Sarita Khullar

Sarita Khullar is a retired associate professor in English from Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jalandhar. She loves poetry and fiction. She also likes birds, flowers, animals, and humans.


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