Hush, Salty Heart!

So forgetful of me?

yesterday night

I left the door ajar

the windows wide open–

slightest fear,

what if I fail to hear the doorbell

what if the cyclone makes other notes inaudible

the rains played a spoilsport

yesterday night,

they had a gala time fondling

cuddling the bare papers,

the blank pages kept on the table now feels soggy,

the inkpot must have

tumbled in the gusts

spilling blue ink everywhere

spoiling the barren sheets,

the teak wood table is soiled too

the quill still rolling near the door,

water still trickling from the

partly wet curtain’s rims,

the cane stool enjoying its

drenched bliss like a teenager

Rains, Unpredictable rains.


Thoughtful I watch

the morning breeze play

with the milky curtains

the floating orchids high up hurries

to reach their destination,

the storm left an imprint

inside my house

but the serene sun is caressing

the blue expanse,

the flocks are fluttering

singing songs of glee,

the bees are busy humming

seeking nectar of their

choicest blooms,

the flowers merrily tossing their crowns

when tickled by the flirty breeze,

Nature, true Magician.


I wonder,

why the nights always witness storms

why the rains never reach me nor cleanse my salty eyes

why the bundle of papers that I had hoped to ink with my wordsย now lay spoiled

why the windows and doors despite the bangs failed to awaken me

why it’s still roaring thunders inside while it’s sunny outside

Sigh! it’s easy to awaken a sleeping ear

but frightening, to arouse a dead heart!

Silence. Deafening silence!๐Ÿ’š

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