Can you hear me?

I’m hung between the sky and earth

Can’t go up or come down,

Unable to touch both. 


I’m lonely here, filled with pain.

Malleable is the voice of mine-

Dissolving in the air, nothing to gain.

The cry from my heart, fails to reach Him.


My faith is slowly fading

And I doubt His existence.

I can see many howling        

Holding their loved ones.


There is my beloved

Why is she full of tear?

With such a gloomy face

Somebody, she’s bending over.


Washing away her last hope

Crying there is she.

I see the body in the stretcher

Oh God! he looks just like me!!!”



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Written by Minati Pradhan

Writer and author, who loves music, art, food and conversation. Enthusiastic about life. A perennial positive person who also happens to be a independent researcher.

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