Hues most Divine

Like  gentle breeze,

Come your endearing words,

Rocking me into a blissful sleep,

Soothing my worries and cares

My closed lids now stare

At your smiling visage.

Perhaps we’re slipping through

The shadows of yesteryears

With much more ease.


A wonderment lights up your face,

Like the light of a full moon

It handsomely glows,

Daring me to thrust my lids

Open; my soul lurks around

Comforted in your love:

Maternal bliss it soaks in.


Like sprouting seeds

Soaking in motes dancing

To the tune of early sunbeams.

In sleep, I am bathed in the komorebi

Of your beaming radiant smiles.

Oh Mother! How joyously I bathe

In the bubbling rivulet of your love.


How your ever flowing stream of love

Is like the incandescent light

Sparkling from the seven heavens

Above, reaching me wherever

Life’s quest takes me.

In the darkest moments

The woody calm of your love

Like shinrin-yoku, engulfs me

Wave after wave, lapping me

Like coastal tides lullling

Boatswain into dreamless sleep.


Oh Mother! Your angelic light,

Beacon-like, glows to calm

My soul through raging

Frenzied times, my footsteps

Turn as if guided mysteriously by angels.

The  heaven’s above, Oh Mother,

Clothe you in hues most divine!


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Stephen Leonardi


Japanese words

Komorebi: sunlight streaming through trees

Shinrin -yoku: bathing in the forest atmosphere, soaking in nature or being aligned  with nature


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