Hooked by Fate

How beautiful she looks
in her ebony gown
with  diamonds
twinkling on it,
sometimes I wonder
we share something common
her boundless heart
ready to love yet she feels
a void creeping inside her!

How soothing she sings
her whistling tunes,
pipe variety of stories
from unknown lands
about unknown faces,
sometimes breezy
sometimes stormy, she’s the
guardian of her moods
We are quite similar
her tale, however musical
never reached
the ears of her soulmate!

The clouds and I are best buddies
On a scorching day, she knows
how to protect her loved ones
she scours every ocean
stacks food to the brim
only to feed her loved ones
on a parched day,
often in a playful mood, she enjoys
a brisk walk with her bosom friends,
when irked she cries
her heart out, in the hope
her rainbow family is
always there, with her!

The watchful moon
is my confidante
we share each other’s secrets
once she showed me
her cratered diary
her dark side where she froze
her bitter truths,
her painful reality
her forlorn tales,
she loves the Sun
from time immemorial but
they are not meant to meet,
some love stories are
better read,
than made! 💚


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift💚

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