Hey! dear heart,

Let your emotions be locked

With the invisible lock.


If you dare to break the silence

And be happy,

That must be only temporary.      


Blood thirsty eyes

Would search for you-

To create the violence.


Waging the unending war

At times extinguishing the lamp

Pushing a clan into darkness.


The divine sounding may turn into devils

Holding the caste umbrella.

The unsacred fire burns a civilization to come.


It may haunt you for life.

Listening to your heart is not a blessing

From the heaven.


Marriages are made in heaven” proves wrong.

The ideologies of killing are celebrated than life

For the so-called honour and pride.


What do you think?


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  1. It is very much prevalent in many places, throughout India. Kaushlya Sankar from Tamil Nadu is fighting for justice for her husband, Sankar, who was killed by her father. We need to recognise everyone as human beings irrespective of their caste.
    Thank you for reading my poetry

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Written by Minati Pradhan

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