Holidays and Winter

With all the leaves shed, the trees look bare,

Several animals hibernate,

The season of winter is welcomed.


The white ground gleams with a sheet of ice,

Heavenly, enchanting icicles,

Hang frozen from branches and sparkle.


It’s time to have some fun in the snow.

Families enjoying holidays, 

Build snowmen, hurl snowballs and enjoy.



This poem is written in the NINE SQUARE format. It has a total of 81 syllables – 9 square. 

Here is the rule to write it;



A ninesquare has nine lines, each of nine syllables, divided into three three-line stanzas.


~The first line of each stanza must contain nine monosyllables. 

~The second line must contain three words of three syllables each. 

~The third line must have a one-two, one-two, one-two syllablic structure. 

Picture Credit :  Victoria Borodinova ( Pexel)


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