His Diary:

The other day-
I pretended to tie my shoe lace
That wasnโ€™t even an inch out of place
To steal a quick glance
Of her ethereal face
Lost in a book, were it dreams she chased?
Bless the author of that damned book
For penning those lines that did the trick
Her eyes brightened up, she blushed in a smile
There..she lifted her face, gave me a look
I switched my feet to buy more time
My heart did a tap dance]
To the tunes of her wind chime


Another day-
I slowed down my pace
To catch a glimpse
Of her in a flowing white dress
Focused was she on her canvas
Filling colours on it, with strokes of her brush.
Time stood still
When her stunning green eyes
Wandered off to lock with mine
I stifled a sigh as her bun came loose
Tearing my gaze away from the unmatched beauty and grace
Head bowed down,
I had to fasten my pace


Her Diary


The other day-
I sat by the window,
Waiting for him to pass my way
A book in hand, to steal a quick glance
To shield him my piercing eyes
As he walked by…Was it sheer luck?
I had my chance, bless his loosened shoe lace
Right then and there, a dream I chased
For the time I would be in his embrace
My lips curved up, it felt sublime
My heart twirled, did a little dance
To the melody of my wind chime


Another day-
An elegant white dress
That I carefully picked from my closet
To go with it, I knew not how to do my hair
Time running out
It was held up in a bun, without a care
Moments before he crossed my garden
Canvas, palette, brush in tow, I had dashed out
To calm my heart, beating way too faster
I had begun to fiddle with random colours
Along he came…almost about to cross by
There was my chance to catch a glimpse
Of his intoxicating blue and brooding eyes
I had wished to freeze that moment forever
If only the unruly bun had not come loose
My eyes on him could have lingered a little longer


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Written by Itali Madhusmita


Diary Entries of a Love-Filled Heart