Hello white Winter

Goodbye golden Autumn ,Hello white Winter
Winter comes in the month of November
Grey outcast skies predict the cold weather
Come ,let’s all take out our thick sweaters .

Snowflakes fall on the ground like whiffs of cloud
Look here ,an abominable snowman stands proud
Built by joyful children who play aloud
Enjoying the outdoor weather when mommies have allowed .

The night sky is a dull ,grey white
Opaque snowflakes fly so light
Falling stealthily on cars and houses
Making life difficult for families and spouses.

A white blanket soft and clean
Everyone is seen wiping their car’s screen
Winter makes day to day life so slow
Snow whirls down from bark to bough .

Winter dance is quite a show
Children happily sleigh in capes of snow
Families sit cozy sipping cups of hot cocoa
Traffic becomes an all time slow .

Blowing through the snow topped trees
Facing the chilly winter breeze
Comes Santa Claus bringing cheer
Wishing “Merry Christmas “ to near and dear .

Christmas has come let’s give everyone the gift of care
With friends and family festive times we share
Chocolate chip cookies everyone bakes
Along with a big ,rich ,fruity plum cake .

Winter spreads its unique white sheet
A bright New Year ,let’s all greet
Keep loss ,labour ,pain all at bay
For beauty ,sharing ,friendship is on the way !


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Written by Rachna Karara

Rachna Karara is a beautiful mother of two happy children. She runs a successful business of retailing garments .However, her first passion is Creative Writing. Also, a great believer in the power of Cosmic Vibrations, Rachna is a spiritual philosopher and also into Buddhist Practice.

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