Heal! Heal Oh Friend

pompous past

& failed future,

aims acquired – discarded; accomplished few


Heal, Heal Oh Man

bitter bodies

& thoughts trepid,

fervid fantasies – unfulfilled; others brimming still


Heal! Heal Oh Self

winters weary

& raging rains,

passions plentiful – throbbing; silent yet


Heal! Oh Heal

this World, this Earth,

To heal is primal

the source and succor, in your depths


What do you think?


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Leave a Reply


Written by Soma Bhattacharya

A student of literature, with a decade-long stint in media - I later moved to the dynamic landscape of social and mental health rehabilitation, to fulfil a calling as it were.
Music and poetry are my passions; and very much like my work with people & behaviors – they offer me deep insights into the human experience…of man’s eternal quest to seek, know, and  evolve.  

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