Harridan Hattie.

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Harridan Hattie crept up one day

And frightened the neighbourhood kids away.

Oh! She  fumed,  she cursed and she spat

She didn’t spare even the measly cat.


Harridan Hattie sat at her window

And scowled for the sun bothered her to the core.

Behold, there was a knock on her door.

‘Who dares bother Hattie! Both me no more!’


‘Tis’ me,’ came the meek voice of little Grace.

Harridan Hattie felt nauseous looking at her cherubic face.

‘Mommy said we must always share

Our goodies with those who for none care!’


Something inside Harridan Hattie snapped,

She let little Grace step inside.

They both ate lemonade and cookies,

And Hattie listened to little Grace’s stories.


Little Grace unfailingly visited old Hattie.

They formed a bond; a friendship, you see.

A few months later Hattie stepped into the sunshine,

Walking hand in hand with Grace, wearing a broad smile!

Pic Credit: Alex Harvey: Unsplash.


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      • Thanks my dear Jaya Pillai. You just made my day, infact my entire month!
        You won’t believe it, I’d applied for an editing job and I’d sent some of my work in. The propreitor immediately contacted me asking me to work on a kids bulletin and to rework old tales and poems. Due to personal constraints I declined.
        I regret my decision.

    • That’s so kind of you to say so Mumtaz. I actually penned the poem based on these very aunties that you mentioned.. deep down they have turned bitter though time and need just a little ‘Grace’ or a catalyst to change them. No one is really truly rotten. Life makes us so! Thanks so much😍

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