Happiness is within

In search of happiness,

I booked a  ticket to the other side of the universe,

Armed with a backpack, stuffed with  too many expectations,

I embarked on a journey


In the earth beneath and above in the sky,

Probed from each  particle

So, on the question of mine,

The air was a long sweet dream

And the earth was a sweet wide smile

In the ears of the supreme sun,I whispered

While I was searching happiness into the pocket of Silver beauty and twinkling stars,

They all bestowed me with even a wider smile


Yet again, my quest had failed!

To lean on my intuition and inner guide more

Though, in the lap of an intriguing nature,

I always get a feeling of euphoria

And travelling gave me a chance to learn



But then I heard my inner voice,

That enlightened me with the thought,

That happiness can be found even inside the four walls,

Happiness is within me

And  apprised me to make happiness a choice. 

Pooja Mandla


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Written by Pooja Mandla

An educator by profession but a word weaver by passion. She likes to enjoy little things in life, not waiting for the bigger ones to come her way.Β  She had done her graduation in the medical stream but often was lost in the literal beauty of words. So after graduation, she studied literature and did her MPhil in English. She believes that the secret ingredient for spreading happiness is writing. So, whenever her energetic kids permit, she expresses her thoughts in words. Writing keeps her going and has given a new shape to her life.


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