I like things to happen naturally,

Without me nagging and begging for them,

Especially as an outcome of my sincere prayers,

I feel elated, relieving me of the stress and anxieties.

The overworked mind and the yearning heart seeks solace,

When expected things turn up on their own.


Despite repeated attempts when things donโ€™t churn out properly,

I feel more blessed when I can hold the rein to my happiness.

I assume this is the blank page for me to write down my story,

I hold the pen, and then the paperโ€™s magnetic spell I canโ€™t resist.

God wishes to test my faith, and wishes to see how can I optimally utilise it,

Then, I like to make them happen to satiate my expectations.


What do you think?


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Written by Amrita Mallik

PP Pioneer

Harridan Hattie.

Home… finding one of my own