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Haiku Dairies


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Week 1. 

       Sun’s my guardian star.

       Nosegays and roseate bouquets —

       Demeter and troth.


Week 2. 

       Sun’s sliced by umber,

       Phoebus- semicircles two,

       Buds open to bloom.


Week 3. 

      Amber streaked Phoebus

      Branches slit into halves two

      Soul’s disquiet yearnings.


Week 4

     Once sun tempers love, 

     The duirnal course, rise – fall

      Earthy bated breathe.


Week 5

     The encircled sun,

     A broken betrothal ring,

     Dellusion, deceit.


Week 6.

     Sun’s shrouded in gloom

     Redolent of coy bouquets,

     Tears sweet and wilted. 


Week 7.

     In darkness leave me,

     In slumber’s deadly nightshade.

     Strange thoughts brings the sun.


Week 8.

      Another listless dawn,

      Mock not, Oh Sun! Moon’s my beau,

      Now, I await none.


Week 9. 

    A glaring sunbeam

    Intrudes a teary-eyed blanket

    Reminiscent of you.


Week 10.

     How blinding are Sun’s rays,

     The interfering old fool!

      Hold me, nightly bliss!


Week 11.

    An autumnal sun

    Is my bosom chum, I shed

    Despair and distress.


Week 12.

      Carpe Diem, I invite 

      For tea, the noisy sun, it

       Flaps yesterday away.


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Gemma Smeragliuolo

P.S.: Diary writing was an art practiced in the previous century. For the present generation with a  busy and bustling life with a cauldron of bubbling social media, I thought Haiku would be the best way to express the delightful experience of falling in love, the grief that follows heartbreak and return to equilibrium. 

I would really appreciate your feedback and comments.

1.Demeter: a well know perfume

2. Phoebus: the Sun God


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    • Thank you Kirti and Anuradha for appreciating this piece. Its polishing has taken a great deal of time.

      In fact I’ve felt the need for a retreat when writing recently, because there was something always interrupting my thought process. And I felt I was in a maze whilst trying to come back to the precise nuance.

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