Guard yourself…

Puning like a sea to see

Awesome game feel

Up above in the dark sky

Lies the very lie I sequel.

Nothing can make me surrender

I’m born to be a free lender

Pacing over the Pacific, through the clouds

Only to mark my territory precise.

Just laying the foundation

I often dreamt for ages

To see the scintillating stars

With bare eyes of hope, I contrive.

Lying on my flat back

Counting the beautiful stars

Along with my sailing ship

Loaded with all dreams I cherished.

Visualizing all the stoppage

Sequeled like a balancing pebble

With a throbbing heart pace

Expectantly waiting for it to pass.

Lies in the cloak of lie

Often fail to identify

Dynamic in appearance

Vivid in presentation.

Beware of all these flies

One or other will definitely defy

Earning your greatest trust

And ditching you right at nape of neck.

Note: Inspired by poem Dreams built on lies by Jaya Pillai.

Photo courtesy: Jamie Haughton on unsplash.


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Written by Varsha

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