Greatness Sought


Sometimes I seek

To be a little more

Than a mouse sliding past walls

Into sheltered corners,

Where I am safe.

I am no different fron most others.

But like others, I sometimes take

A  swig of  inspiration and seek

To be like the  leaves

Hanging  from branches,

Dancing seductively in the breeze –

Knowing well that their moments are few.

Why not?

Be and die.

Why not?

And  then I curl into my corner

And wait for another day

To slide past  the. walls.


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Written by Jaya Pillai

A teacher and a learner - both by passion and profession. Music, cooking, reading, writing, traveling and all kind of creative stuff keep me  going . You are not likely to catch me in a crowd. Instead, you might find me taking a walk on semi dark evenings  talking to the stars or thinking

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