Gratitude leads to beatitude

Affluent and opulent

Haughty about his wealth

He walks with his head held high

A ceaseless scramble

In his incessant quest for more treasure

He needs it for his pleasure

Material prosperity piles up

But humility and gratitude dips down

On a heartless sprint he goes

Many a innocent soul

Crushed beneath his toes

Blinkers on his eyes

His conscience behind closed doors

Oblivious that affluence is interim

Life is moving not stationary

Destination is dusty

Avarice makes you rusty

Existence in this beautiful creation

Meaningful with humility and gratitude

Oh rapacious man

Wealth is an illusion

Transform your greedy attitude

To gain heavenly beatitude

– Pradnya Surve

Image courtesy Sharon McCutcheon


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Written by Pradnya Surve

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